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GloFish® Rainbow Shark Add-on (epalzeorhynchos frenatum)

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GloFish® Rainbow Sharks are vibrant, easy-to-care-for fish that coexist harmoniously with other GloFish and community fish. These bottom feeders not only add a splash of color to your tank but also help keep it clean by eating leftover food, algae, and small snails. Perfect for enthusiasts looking to enhance their aquatic display, GloFish Rainbow Sharks are a striking addition to any large aquarium.

These impressive fish grow up to 4 inches, making them the largest GloFish variety. They thrive in tanks of 30 gallons or more, with one shark per 30-gallon tank. In tanks over 40 gallons, multiple sharks can coexist if there's enough bottom space. Jumbo Sharks, at least 5 inches long, need 55 gallons per shark for optimal health.

Choose your GloFish® Rainbow Shark color. They are available in:  Sunburst Orange®, Electric Green®, Cosmic Blue®, and Galactic Purple®. 

Quick Guide: 

  • How many fish can I have?
    • Keep one shark in aquariums of 30-40 gallons with ample space and hiding spaces
    • Keep one JUMBO shark per 55 gallons of water in your tank
    • To keep multiple sharks you'll need a large aquarium with ample bottom space and shelters
  • What do I feed them?
  • How do I make them pop in my tank? 
    • Put a lot of blue lighting in the tank. This is especially helpful for the Cosmic Blue® fish. Additionally, you can get the light here.

Make sure your order meets the sitewide minimum of $69 on GloFish, including fish, food, and water care products.

NOTICE: The United States patents protect GloFish® fish, and the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) regulates them. It strictly prohibits unauthorized production or distribution without proper FDA approvals. Additionally, it strictly prohibits intentional breeding and sales or trades of GloFish® fish offspring.

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Esequiel G.
United States United States

Preferred Place to Buy

This is the my fourth shark. My first was directly from glofish, it jumped out during tank water refill and unnoticed. Sadly as it was quite large. Bought 1 from each petsmart and petco to get quicker and locally, but both died within 2 months. I have had best luck with buying my fish direct, great service.

Katherine L.
United States United States

Where was the heads up?

Purchased 4 glofish. 1 was a rainbow shark. I left the bag open to slowly add tank water to it. We were working on acclimating the fish. 12 hours after getting them, the rainbow shark jumped out of the bag. I was not advised of this or I would have taken steps to prevent this. My son found him on the floor dead. He is devastated. Ive never had a jumping fish and really wish someone told us this so we could be mindful. :( RIP Clark the Shark.

Kasandra W.
United States United States

Not a single one survived

This is the second order I have gotten and every single on one the fish I got is now dead less than a week later. I have lost NONE of the other fish I have in the tank. I am devastated

GloFish GloFish® Rainbow Shark Add-on (epalzeorhynchos frenatum) Review
United States United States


Only place I have been ordering from for the last 3 years. The quality is supreme over local potshots.

United States United States

Granddaughter Very Happy!

Your customer service, delivery and disease free fish are top notch!