GloFish® Shipping

If you’ve never ordered fish online before, you might be wondering how they are shipped. Please rest assured that we use a safe and effective shipping method to send healthy fish from our farm to your aquarium. All orders are guaranteed to arrive alive and stay healthy for 14-days and orders over $69 ship overnight to the contiguous U.S. for just $9.50. Orders to the contiguous US over $89.00 (after discounts) receive free shipping! (See full shipping rates below.)

Shipping Schedule

Order by 3am EST Mon-Wed for next day, overnight shipping.  Orders placed Thurs-Sat will be processed on the following Mon. Orders placed on Sun will be processed on the following Tues. Please note we cannot deliver on weekends. We do not ship or deliver orders on weekends. 

Please note that shipping may be affected by holidays and extreme weather. Delivery times will vary. We will email you a confirmation and a tracking number when your order ships. 

Shipping Rates

Shipments to the contiguous U.S.: $9.50 for orders over $54.00 after all discounts. Orders over $78.00 after all discounts are applied, receive free shipping.

Shipments to Alaska: $34.50 for orders over $54.00 after all discounts.

Directly from Our Farm to Your aquarium!

The first thing to consider related to having fish delivered to your home is that almost all fish are shipped at one point or another before getting to your local pet store. The only exceptions are those rare cases where you can buy them in the same place they are originally bred and raised. Otherwise, they will arrive at the pet store by shipping, either directly or indirectly, from the original farm where they are raised. It’s just the same when we ship fish directly from our farm to your house!

The Shipping Process

GloFish shipping

After you place your order, our farm staff in Florida hand-selects your fish (see shipping schedule above). We then carefully pack them in a special shipping bag filled with water and oxygen. This bag is then sealed and placed in special insulated packs, similar to a foam cooler.

Next, we check the weather for the overnight trip the fish are about to take. Depending on the time of year and destination and the weather forecast, we will add heating or cooling packs to ensure the package will maintain the appropriate temperature to keep the fish safe.

All packages are then shipped via overnight shipping to minimize the trip time for your GloFish. If we have any concerns that your fish will not arrive safely, we will advise you of this and work with you to reschedule your shipment at a better time.

Receiving your GloFish

It’s best if GloFish Boxsomeone is home to receive the fish when they are delivered. If you are at an office all day, please consider having your fish delivered to your workplace. (Just select an alternative shipping address when you check out.) You can keep the sealed package in your room temperature office, and they will be fine until you arrive home to add them to your aquarium.

When you are ready to add your fish to their home, acclimating them is a simple, but very important step to ensure success. For detailed instructions on acclimating your new GloFish to your aquarium, please visit our GloFish Care Page.

 If you have any questions about our shipping process or how to best acclimate your fish, please contact us or call us directly at 1-800-GLOFISH (1-800-456-3474).