GloFish® Online Guarantee

We love helping people Experience the Glo!®, and we’re committed to making the delivery process successful. 

When you order GloFish online through our official store, we will overnight fish directly from our farm to your aquarium. You can read more about our shipping process here.

We guarantee your fish will arrive alive and stay alive for 14 days after delivery with proper care. To help ensure a successful experience, please be sure to read about how best to care for your fish on our GloFish Care Page. If you experience any concerns at all with your fish, please contact us or call us at right away at 1-800-GLOFISH (800-456-3474) so we can assist you. 

In any case where one or more fish ordered from us does not arrive alive and stay alive for 14 days after delivery, we will refund the cost of the fish on a pro-rata basis. We will also refund any actual shipping charges on a pro-rata basis. For example, you order a collection of four fish, and one does not arrive alive and stay alive for 14 days after delivery. We will then refund 25% of the cost of the fish collection and any actual shipping charges that you paid. You must be able to provide proof of the loss via photo or video upon request in order to qualify for this warranty. Please take a photo of the affected fish on a white background outside of the aquarium or shipping bag.  

In cases of total loss of the shipment, we reserved the right to reship the order rather than issue a refund.