GloFish® Skirt Tetra Mixed Set (3ct)
GloFish® Skirt Tetra Mixed Set (3ct)
GloFish® Skirt Tetra Mixed Set (3ct)
GloFish® Skirt Tetra Mixed Set (3ct)

GloFish® Skirt Tetra Mixed Set (3ct)

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GloFish® White Skirt Tetras are hardy, easy-to-care-for fish that thrive in various aquatic environments. Calm and colorful, they are perfect for beginners. Therefore, keep them in schools of at least 5 to create a dazzling display of movement in your aquarium. Additionally, due to their moderate size, comfortably house one per gallon of tank space for a lively and visually appealing community.

This collection of GloFish® White Skirt Tetras includes three different colored fish in assorted colors with a guaranteed minimum of two different colors. Also, leave the selection process up to us - this collection is not customizable. You may get any mixture of the available colors: Starfire Red®, Sunburst Orange®, Electric Green®, Cosmic Blue®, Moonrise Pink® and Galactic Purple®. 

Like a longer flowing fin? Check out our GloFish® Long-Fin White Skirt Tetras.

Want to take control of your color choices? Check out our 3-count single color collection.

Quick Guide: 

  • How many fish can I have?
    • Maintain groups of five or more fish.
    • Keep one fish per gallon of water in your tank. 
  • What do I feed them?
  • How do I make them pop in my tank?
    • If you put a lot of blue lighting in the tank, the fish will stand out. Especially helpful for the Cosmic Blue® fish. Additionally, you can get the light here.

Make sure your order meets the sitewide minimum of $69 on GloFish, including fish, food, and water care products.

NOTICE: The United States patents protect GloFish® fish, and the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) regulates them. It strictly prohibits unauthorized production or distribution without proper FDA approvals. Additionally, it strictly prohibits intentional breeding and sales or trades of GloFish® fish offspring.

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United States United States


Fish arrived very quickly and in great condition unlike local pet store. Will buy from this company again.

GloFish GloFish® White Skirt Tetra Add-On Collections 3pk (gymnocorymbus ternetzi) Review
Michael B.
United States United States

They were not blue. They were like a clear.

Blue they were more like a clear color



Michael, Thank you for reaching out to us and we hate to hear that your blue tetras did not arrive as expected. We would be happy to try and help you under the 14 Day Live Fish Guarantee. To do so, we would like to ask for any images of the little guys that you may have available. Thank you again, GloFish Support

Dana W.
United States United States

Crazy cool fish

I thought these fish schooled. They will team up with other ones to chase the others, but then they are right back to being territorial of their section of the tank. It’s the craziest thing. I can sit and watch them for a long time. The blue ones don’t glow in the blacklight, but they are beautiful.

GloFish GloFish® White Skirt Tetra Add-On Collections 3pk (gymnocorymbus ternetzi) ReviewGloFish GloFish® White Skirt Tetra Add-On Collections 3pk (gymnocorymbus ternetzi) Review
Dana R.
United States United States

VERY cute fish!

I ordered twelve and received 12 (good!)! All were in fine shape, moving around and HUNGRY. Followed acclimation instructions to a "T" and so far, so good. As they are setting up their hierarchy, two are a bit shy and like to stay back in a corner but this morning, all were present and gobbling up their breakfast. Way to go, glo!!!!!

Gary M.
United States United States

The stars of the aquarium

These tetra glowfish are active, colorful, well mannered members of our community aquarium. They complement their more traditionally colored counterparts very nicely. One glowfish didn’t survive the shipping but the customer service at glowfish more than made up for the loss. This is a great place to get some beautiful fish for your aquarium. I especially appreciate the direct to home shipping, we do not have any fish stores nearby.

GloFish GloFish® White Skirt Tetra Add-On Collections 3pk (gymnocorymbus ternetzi) Review
Joyce W.
United States United States


Very happy with doing business with this company.Love their quick shipping, and all the fish are beautiful and healthy. Definitely recommend buying fish from them.

Caryn G.
United States United States

Great Purchase

Loved all 3 orders that came. Very Healthy fish. Great company. Thank you, Caryn Green

Joanne E.
United States United States

Amazing fish

Perfect as always. I can't say enough good about this company. Fish are healthy, packaged wonderfully, arrived on time. Will definitely order again!

United States United States

Orange i’m glad i chose orange!

Fabulous color! Nice size fish!

Premveer R.
United States United States


I recently received this purchase and it has ick on all of them after two days. I am now in the process of treating the ick. My tank is a brand new tank so there is no contamination from any other fish as these are the only ones in there. Not ok for this to be my first purchase and had this issue with the fish having this parasite.

United States United States


Have ordered from Glo fish several times over the last few years and have always had Great Success

United States United States


Although ups would not guarantee next day delivery by choosing the Monday ship date we did get out fish on Tuesday! All arrived in great shape and are a beautiful addition to our aquarium. Thanks!

Kasey R.
United States United States


Great fish thriving

Paul E.
United States United States

Excellent service and beautiful fish

Arrived on time, packaged well and lovely healthy fish

Natissa R.
United States United States


The shipping was fast and the quality of the glofish are best buying direct from glofish. All of the fish are vibrant and I had no loss during shipping nor in my tank. I will be buying more in the future for my parents tank. You will not be disappointed with any purchase!

United States United States

Very Healthy Fish

You an tell they were taken care of very well because they didn't show any signs of stress when I put them in my tank. I'm so glad I got them, and I want to grab some blue in the future.