GloFish® 20G Community Set (16ct)

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Our GloFish® Pristella Tetra 20 Gallon Community include several fish that get along great! The GloFish Danios add activity at the top, the GloFish Pristella Tetras add spectacular color to your mid water area, and the Siamese Algae Eater is a wonderful hide and seek partner at the bottom of your aquarium. 

While colors may vary, you will be guaranteed at least three colors of the GloFish Danios and at least two colors of the GloFish Pristella Tetras.  

In this package, you will receive

- 10 GloFish Danios

- 5 GloFish Pristella Tetras

- 1 Siamese Algae Eater

GloFish® fish are covered under United States patents and reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”). Production and distribution without proper FDA approvals is prohibited. Intentional breeding and/or any sale or trade of any offspring of GloFish® fish is strictly prohibited.

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