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GloFish® Seasonal Collections

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The Seasonal Collections let you set the mood for any time of the year.

    The Spring Collection

    Break out of the cold with the warmth of these beautiful spring colors

    • 2x Moonrise Pink ® Long-fin Tetras
    • 2x Sunburst Orange® Long-fin Tetras
    • 2x Galactic Purple® Long-fin Tetras
    • 2x Starlight White Long-fin Tetras

    The Starlight White Tetra is not fluorescent It has been selected for compatibility with GloFish,

    The Summer Collection

    Fast swimmers and bright colors reflecting the activity and playfulness of summer

    • 3x Electric Green® Barbs
    • 2x Sunburst Orange® Barbs
    • 3x Cosmic Blue® Danios
    • 3x Electric Green®Danios

    The Fall Collection

    All the rich tones of autumn, with just a touch of frosty accent.

    •  3x Sunburst Orange®Danios
    • 2x Starburst Red®Danios
    • 2x Sunburst Orange® Tetras
    • 2x Starburst Red® Tetras
    • 1x Galactic Purple® Tetra
    • 2x Starlight White Tetras

     The Wnter Collection

    Kick back with some hot cocoa and enjoy the cool iciness of winter

    • 5x  Cosmic Blue® Danios
    • 3x Starlight White Tetras
    • 3x Cosmic Blue® Tetras

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