GloFish® Long-Fin White Skirt Tetra Orchid Collection 6ct (gymnocorymbus ternetzi)

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The GloFish® Long-Fin Orchid Collection includes three of each color of our newest long-fin tetras.


This package includes a total of six fish to liven up your aquarium:


3 GloFish® Long-Fin Moonrise Pink® Tetras
3 GloFish® Long-Fin Galactic Purple® Tetras

Care note: The majority of our fish are shipped before they reach full maturity. If your GloFish® Long-Fin Tetra does not appear to be a long-fin, please give it a few months or more to fully develop. As your fish grows, so will its fins. 

GloFish® fish are covered under United States patents and reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”). Production and distribution without proper FDA approvals is prohibited. Intentional breeding and/or any sale or trade of any offspring of GloFish® fish is strictly prohibited.


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