Tetra Halloween Collection
Pristella Halloween Collection

GloFish® Halloween Collections (2 options available)

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These packages offer different ways to add a little spooky fun to your aquarium.  Make sure to have a GloFish blue light or cycle light to enhance the effect.   

The Starlight White Tetra is the regular White Skirt Tetra. It has been selected for compatibility with GloFish, but is not fluorescent. These collections do not include the long-fin GloFish Tetras.  

 Halloween White Skirt Tetra Collection

2x Sunburst Orange® White Skirt Tetra

2x Electric Green® White Skirt Tetra

2x Galactic Purple® White Skirt Tetra

3x Starlight White, White Skirt Tetra

Halloween Pristella Tetra Collection

3x Sunburst Orange® Pristella Tetra

3x Electric Green® Pristella Tetra

3x Galactic Purple®  Pristella Tetra



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