Tetra Basic Collection
Tetra Basic Collection
Tetra Basic Collection

GloFish® White Skirt Tetra Basic Assortment

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Our GloFish® Tetra Basic Assortment includes a total of six fish in assorted colors to liven up your aquarium.  It does not include any long-fin GloFish Tetras, which are available in the Tetra Deluxe Collection

NOTE:  Your delivered assortment may not exactly match the images shown due to availability.  You will be guaranteed to receive a minimum of three (3) different colors and no more than two (2) of the same color from the list of fish below.

Starfire Red® Tetra
Sunburst Orange® Tetra
Electric Green® Tetra
Cosmic Blue® Tetra
Moonrise Pink® Tetra
Galactic Purple® Tetra

If you desire specific colors, you can create your own collection using the Tetra Add-on collections page



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