55G Community Danio-Tetra-Shark 31ct Collection
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GloFish® 55G Community Danio-Tetra-Shark 31ct Collection

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Have a big aquarium?  Fill it fast with this assortment of GloFish that all get along great.  We're even throwing in a cleanup crew of corydoras catfish.

While colors may vary, you will be guaranteed at least three different colors of GloFish for each species. (GloFish Shark is excluded)

In this package, you will receive

- 10 GloFish Danios

- 10  GloFish Short-Fin Tetras

- 5 Starlight White Short-fin Tetras (non-fluorescent)

- 1 GloFish Shark

- 5 GloFish Corydoras (colors vary)

When adding this many fish at once, we strongly recommend the use of GloFish Water Balance and Tetra SafeStart to ensure there are no sudden fluctuations in pH or ammonia levels.  It's also a good idea to do a 10% water change after 10-14 days and add more GloFish Water Balance every week.

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