Electric Green® Corydoras Catfish 6pk
GloFish®  Corydoras Catfish Single Color Set (6ct)
Sunburst Orange® Corydoras Catfish 6pk

GloFish® Corydoras Catfish Single Color Set (6ct)

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The Corydoras Catfish is a great addition to any aquarium.  They are constantly looking to help clean up left over food and interact with each other in a very playful manner.  To make sure they thrive, we recommend feeding them GloFish Mini wafers since "leftovers" don't always have all necessary nutrients.  Plus, the shrimp in the wafers make them go wild! 

We recommend keeping these social fish in a minimum qty of three, but they like even larger groups!   These little critters seldom exceed 3 inches in a typical home aquarium.

BRIGHTNESS WILL VARY ON FISH UPON ARRIVAL. Due to color variance, the fish received may vary from the image shown. 

GloFish® fish are covered under United States patents and reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”). Production and distribution without proper FDA approvals is prohibited. Intentional breeding and/or any sale or trade of any offspring of GloFish® fish is strictly prohibited.

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Chad C.
United States United States

Wonderful addition to our GloFish aquarium

These Corydora Catfish are a vibrant addition to our 75-gallon aquarium, which is already home to a large family of Pristella Tetras, Long Finned Tetras, Danios, Neon Tetras, and Flame Dwarf Gourami. These active little bottom dwellers have helped round out the crew.