GloFish® Electric Green® Corydoras Catfish 6pk (corydoras aeneus)

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The Corydoras Catfish is a great addition to any aquarium.  They are constantly looking to help clean up left over food and interact with each other in a very playful manner.  To make sure they thrive, we recommend feeding them GloFish Mini wafers since "leftovers" don't always have all necessary nutrients.  Plus, the shrimp in the wafers make them go wild! 

We recommend keeping these social fish in a minimum qty of three, but they like even larger groups!   These little critters seldom exceed 3 inches in a typical home aquarium.

BRIGHTNESS WILL VARY ON FISH UPON ARRIVAL. Due to color variance, the fish received may vary from the image shown.

GloFish® fish are covered under United States patents and reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”). Production and distribution without proper FDA approvals is prohibited. Intentional breeding and/or any sale or trade of any offspring of GloFish® fish is strictly prohibited.

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Patrick B.
United States United States

Vibrant Underwater Spectacle with Healthy GloFish Corydoras!

I recently made my second purchase from, and I am once again impressed with the quality and service provided. Adding to my collection with an order of Electric Green Corydoras, I was delighted to find that, just like my first order, all fish arrived in peak condition - alive, healthy, and exceptionally vibrant. It’s truly heartening to receive fish directly from the source that are not only lively and robust but also showcase such striking colors. Their vitality has added an energetic dynamic to my tank, and watching these lively creatures settle into their new home has been a joy. My GloFish community now includes Danios, Tetras, and these Corydoras, each bringing their own unique spark to the aquarium. The ease of transaction, the quality of shipping, and the excellent health of the fish upon arrival earn a well-deserved five stars from me. I wholeheartedly recommend them to any aquatic enthusiast looking to create a captivating underwater world with GloFish. Thank you for exceeding my expectations once again!

GloFish GloFish® Electric Green® Corydoras Catfish 6pk (corydoras aeneus) ReviewGloFish GloFish® Electric Green® Corydoras Catfish 6pk (corydoras aeneus) ReviewGloFish GloFish® Electric Green® Corydoras Catfish 6pk (corydoras aeneus) Review
Thomas W.
United States United States

Love them

They are the electric green corys and I love them not going to lie I received the first shipment and 1 out of 6 was dead but they made it right with me by giving me a extra 1 with my next order

GloFish GloFish® Electric Green® Corydoras Catfish 6pk (corydoras aeneus) Review
Natissa R.
United States United States

A must have for any hobbiest!

These corydoras are absolutely beautiful and healthly. I'm so happy with this purchase!!