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GloFish® Long-Fin Electric Green® Tetra

GloFish® Long-Fin Electric Green® Tetra

$ 12.99

The elegant Long-Fin Electric Green® Tetras are here!

These fish are similar to the Electric Green® Tetra, but have a longer, more flowing tail and dorsal fins.

Care note: The majority of our fish are shipped before they reach full maturity. If your GloFish® Long-Fin Tetra does not appear to be a long-fin, please give it a few months or more to fully develop. As your fish grows, so will its fins. 

(Also available: Long-Fin Sunburst Orange® Tetra)

GloFish fluorescent fish are wonderful fish that add brilliant color and excitement to any aquarium. They are born with their harmless, life-long color (they’re not dyed, injected, or painted). They require the same care as other freshwater tropical fish and, like their non-fluorescent counterparts, GloFish Tetras “play well” with other community fish. Please note that this purchase includes only the fish, so you will need to have an aquarium available for them when they arrive. You can find additional care information and much more at GloFish.com.

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