GloFish® Galactic Purple® Shark

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GloFish Sharks are now available, giving fishkeepers an entirely new way to display brilliant GloFish color in their tanks. While GloFish Sharks are members of the minnow family, not actual sharks, they can reach up to 4 inches in length, making them the largest variety of GloFish.


GloFish Sharks are available in four colors: Sunburst Orange®, Electric Green®, Cosmic Blue®, and Galactic Purple®. Like all other GloFish Danios, Tetras and Barbs, they get their natural color from their parents and are not injected, painted or dyed.


In aquariums, GloFish Sharks exist peacefully with other GloFish and non-fluorescent community fish and can receive the same care as their tank mates. They also serve as bottom feeders, giving the added benefit of cleaning up leftover food, unsightly algae and small nuisance snails. Because of their large size, GloFish Sharks should only be placed in aquariums 10 gallons or larger. While only one Shark is recommended for a 10-gallon aquarium, multiple Sharks can be kept in aquariums larger than 40 gallons as long as there is ample bottom space for each to establish territory.

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