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GloFish® Betta Water Balance 2.0 fl oz (59 ml)

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GloFish® Betta Water Balance creates ideal water chemistry for Betta fish. This easy-to-use formula is scientifically formulated to keep your aquarium chemistry stable between extended water changes. : GloFish Water Balance Bettas Creates Ideal Water Chemistry for Betta Fish, 2 fl. oz, 2 FZ : Pet Supplies
  • Directions: Add two teaspoons per 5 gallon. Add once per month to take the guesswork out of aquarium maintenance.
  • Ideal Conditions: Helps keep aquarium chemistry stable between extended water changes, reduces harmful fluctuations in pH and lowers nitrates to help create ideal conditions for fish.
  • Thriving Fish: Allows your GloFish Betta to thrive and display full coloration.

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