GloFish® Betta Starter Pack
GloFish® Betta Starter Pack
GloFish® Betta Starter Pack
Betta Water Conditioner
Betta Water Conditioner Back label
Betta Water Balance front
Betta Water Balance back

GloFish® Betta Starter Pack

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Includes 3 Total Items
  • GloFish Betta Mini Pellets 1.02oz: Helps to make GloFish Bettas Brighter
  • GloFish Betta Water Conditioner 2oz: Makes Tap Water Safe to Help Reduce Stress and Promote Health of Fish
  • GloFish Betta Water Balance 2oz: Creates Ideal Water Chemistry for GloFish

So that you get the best possible experience with GloFish®, we recommend treating and testing the water parameters in the established aquarium prior to adding your new friends!  We also encourage you to check your water parameters and add GloFish Water Balance at least once per week to ensure conditions are at optimum levels and keep your new GloFish healthy and happy.  Should you have any questions or concerns, we are here to help via email or phone.

To extend your 100% satisfaction guarantee to a full 30 days, we require the following:

  1. Purchase the Betta Starter Kit package in the same order as your GloFish Bettas.
  2. Provide documentation of your water parameters before adding new fish to your aquarium. To do so, send a picture of the test strip results comparing it against the key inside the package by email to along with your name and order number. We will be able to record the test results for you for future reference if needed once the image is provided to us.

While we expect 100% success with your purchase when using the Betta Starter Pack, unfortunate events do occasionally happen.  If you need to make a claim against the guarantee after the addition of fish, we require that you also send documentation of the current water parameters by one of the two methods above.  The test results will not affect the guarantee, we simply want to ensure that the remaining fish or any new fish have the proper conditions in which to thrive.

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