GloFish® Deluxe Collection

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The GloFish Deluxe Collection includes 16 items including 11 fish: one of each of our regular fin Tetra and Danio Fish, four plastic plants to add glow to your aquarium, and a container of GloFish food. Order this package for significant savings compared to buying each item separately.

Large blue GloFish plant decoration

Medium green GloFish plant decoration

Medium orange GloFish plant decoration

Small pink GloFish plant decoration

GloFish fish food


Starfire Red® Tetra

Sunburst Orange® Tetra

Electric Green® Tetra

Cosmic Blue® Tetra

Moonrise Pink® Tetra

Galactic Purple® Tetra

Galactic Purple® Danio

Sunburst Orange® Danio

Cosmic Blue® Danio

Starfire Red® Danio

Electric Green® Danio



(items in image not to scale)


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