GloFish® Deluxe Collection

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The GloFish Deluxe Collection includes 16 items including 11 fish: one of each of our regular fin Tetra and Danio Fish, four plastic plants to add glow to your aquarium, and a container of GloFish food.

Decorations & Plants

Large blue GloFish plant decoration

Medium green GloFish plant decoration

Medium orange GloFish plant decoration

Small pink GloFish plant decoration

GloFish fish food


Starfire Red® Tetra

Sunburst Orange® Tetra

Electric Green® Tetra

Cosmic Blue® Tetra

Moonrise Pink® Tetra

Galactic Purple® Tetra

Galactic Purple® Danio

Sunburst Orange® Danio

Cosmic Blue® Danio

Starfire Red® Danio

Electric Green® Danio



(items in image are not to scale)


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