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GloFish® 20 Gallon Community Betta-Danio 12Ct Collection

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GloFish® Bettas offer a unique addition to the world of betta fish. While nearly identical in behavior to traditional domesticated bettas, GloFish® Bettas produce a fluorescent protein that allows them to fluoresce under blue LED lights. And under white LED lights, their color is just as striking.    

As colorful as GloFish® male bettas, females are less aggressive than their male counterparts and can be kept in community aquariums along with GloFish® Tetras, Barbs, Danios and Sharks as well as other tropical fish.

Due to the high variability of betta markings, GloFish® Bettas will not appear exactly as pictured.

We recommend at least a 20 gallon aquarium for comfortable housing for this collection. This package includes a total of 12 GloFish®:

  • 5 Female GloFish Bettas (Mix of Sunburst Orange and Electric Green with varying coloration)
  • 6 Assorted GloFish Danios (Mix of Sunburst Orange, StarFire Red, and Electric Green)
  • 1 Non-GloFish Plecostomus specially selected as a GloFish companion.

Bonus! - Betta Starter Kit with Betta Food, Water conditioners, and Aquarium Test Strips and GloFish Tropical Fish food


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